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Coaching/mentoring session's will be different for each person depending on the clients needs. 

I use a combination of business planning that consists of:

-Financial Goals

-Saving Plans

-Structuring Ideal clients 

-How to hit min 10k months

-Become debt free

-Become a 6-figuire incomer

-How to share your story


-Appropriate pricing & learn when to raise prices 

-Strategic Service Planning 

-Customer service

-People skills

-How to sell

-Different types and forms of communications  

Note: All of the above listed will not be covered within the first session. 

The first meeting is all about getting the foundation laid and starting to built so that we can build and add on. 

Each session is customized and different. 

With my intuitive wisdom, I compliment business with spirituality. This allows me to connect wit your spirit & spirit team to  help you better be in alignment for your business. When working with spirituality, I can see what blockages you may have so that I can better help empower you through with energy work. This will consists a combination of:



-Quantum Touch Healing

-Tapping into Akashic (soul) records

-Guided meditation 

-Tapping into Past life regression 

-Oracle reading

Combining both logic and spirit creates a beautiful balance. This allows you as the client to be much more aware and have clarity with yourself and business. I am very passionate in guiding, empowering,  and showing others how to become self-established.

As a mentor, I care.

As a teacher, I empower.

As a coach, I push.

Investment for self below:

In person & Virtual

For Business: 

$550  up to 2 hours

For Business and Spirit: 

$850 up to 3 hours. 

Follow ups & pricing are determined at first appointment.  Prices and follow ups will vary as each client requires different attention, planning,  coaching and mentoring. 


Business follow ups: $200 per hour

Business & Spirit follow up: $250 per hour


Thank You!

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