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Birthday Parties
Skincare & Make-up class
Please Contact Mae for specials
Personal 1 on 1
$250  per hour private training.
I will demo on half of the face, client practices on the other half.
(Facetime available for out of state clients)
Shoot rate
Half Day (Up to 4 hrs)
$400/ add $35 for each additional look/person
Full Day (Up to 8 hrs)
$750/ add $25 for each additional look/person

Half day (Up to 4 hours)
$1500/ add $35 per person in class
watch & take notes
  • Sanitation
  • Product knowledge (brushes, products, etc)
  • Skincare/primers/lotions
  • Face shapes/bone structure
  • Color matching/base/concealer/corrector
  • Blending/contouring
  • Formulation
  • Everyday makeup
  • False eyelashes and application
  • Mature skin
  • Photography and lighting  
Full Day (Up to 8 hours)
$2500/ add $25 per person in class
Hands-on training
Including half-day training description up above;
  • The transition from subtle to dramatic look
  • Facial contouring with cream based products vs powder
  • Assessing clients facial structures and how to enhance/compliment
  • Matching appropriate foundation & concealer to your client
  • Skin types (oily, dry, combination)
  • How to prepare the face for makeup application
  • Applying makeup for print photography and how it translates to pictures
  • Different makeup techniques for bridal, theater, film, television, stage, and runway
  • Professionalism during client consultations and assessing what “look” the client is aiming to achieve
  • Teaching how to upsell your services/products
  • How to keep clients coming back!

***Traveling to your city is available. Travel expenses to be assessed upon request***

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