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Jet Plasma

What is Jet Plasma?

Jet Plasma is next generation technology for skin tightening, collagen production, wrinkle reduction, and elasticity improvement that produces an immediate skin-tightening effect, dramatically improving fine lines and wrinkles, achieving great results without surgery. Plasma energy is the latest innovation to help people look years younger, and can be used on several areas including around the eyes. 

Jet Plasma is the only direct-current plasma medical device on the market, and is used for a variety of skin treatments. Its safe, effective, and consistent plasma energy generates heat, warming the skin and producing a wide range of desired effects. 

The Jet Plasma device was designed with Jet (J Plasma) and Cold Plasma for best results using a strong low atmospheric plasma temperature on the surface of the skin, making this a pain free procedure. 

How does Jet Plasma Work? 

Jet Plasma is a low-temperature plasma device which means it can be used on the person’s face and body.

Because the current is continuously in one direction it has an advantage over the alternative current versions in terms of control and the size and depth of the area is comes in contact with. This means the treatment is more precise and the downtime may be shorter.

  • Jet Plasma works by remodeling and repairing skin from inside out

  • Although you may see immediate improvement with one treatment the skin will continue to improve over the next 6-8 weeks as collagen regenerates.

  • It has a sterilization effect so it is great for acne and other skin condition.

  • Jet is anti-inflammatory to aid in calming eczema and rosacea.


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