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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect?

      A relaxing and personal experience. I will personally consult and perform all services in my private studio.

What do I need to know?

     Please arrive on time for your appointments, and notify me 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment. To ensure my availability for proper brow maintenance, it is best to book your next appointment 2-3 weeks in advance. There is a $50 fee for 3D brow clients who don't schedule in advance and need my services outside of studio hours.

How often do I need to have my brows done?

    Everyone is different! It completely depends on your brow hair and growth. I can determine this during your initial appointment or consultation.

What is the price on upkeep?

     For 3D brows, an initial consultation is needed to determine an initial and maintenance price. Seeing me regulary will always be cheaper than seeing me occasionally. Why? Less prepping means it will take me less time and less product to reconstruct your brow. For regular brow clients, maintenance is $35 at your predetermined intervals. Seeing me outside of your window means I will have to do more prepping and use more product, which will increase the price of your upkeep.

What can I do to speed up the consulation/booking process for 3D brows?

     E-mail me photos of your current brows with no make-up, and photos of your desired brows you are wanting to achieve. I can better quote you what processes you may need, and probably book you for your brow service.

Can I come in for a consultation without immediately booking a service?

      For 3D brow clients, there is a $35 consultation fee for 30 minutes. It will go towards your 3D brow service if you do decide to schedule an appointment.

Why would I want to get my brows done?

     The eyebrows are an important and prominent feature of your face. Having clean, well-shaped brows can improve facial aesthetics and symmetry. This means your eyes will "pop" a bit more, and your overall facial structure will be complimented. For 3D brows, I can add to your existing brows or build new ones. You would never have to pencil or fill in your eyebrows again!

What is the maintenance for 3D brows?  

     Each person will vary depending on their home care and skin type. Someone with oily skin would need to see me more frequently than those with dry skin.

Can I have a little more information on 3D brows?

     You will have no need for brow make-up. They are water & sweat proof as well! Just wakeup flawless and go conquer the world with your beautiful set of brows.

This service      This new revolutionary 3D brow building will allow complete eyebrow reconstruction!create fullness and definition that cannot be achieved with regular brow grooming. The result is water and smudge proof, created by building on to your natural shape to create fuller, thicker, luscious brows that have the perfect definition. They last approximately 3-5 weeks, depending on proper home care.

    3D brows are similiar to permanent make-up except it's 3-dimensional and non-invasive. The desired look is customized for each person. The process is suitable for anyone! From those who have naturally good eyebrows who just want their brows filled in, to those who suffer from partial or total eyebrow loss.

    This is not just 'eyebrow extenions'. It is a teqchnique of building eyebrows into growing your own with time, utilizing a series of shaping, tinting, 3D paste, and brow extensions.


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