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New Client Brow Make-Over

(Currently not available for stand-alone brow appointments unless paired with a lash lift or facial service)

(trim, wax, shape, tint)


Follow Up's: $50

3D Brow
First time Client appointment: $200
4 weeks follow up: $135
3 weeks follow up: $125
2 weeks follow up: $100
45-60 min
Shape | Tint | 3D gel | Brow extensions

     For anyone wanting to work on the shape and fullness of brows. I apply hair, creating a desired look that lasts. If there is minimal hair to use, a textured paint is applied directly to the skin, imitating brow hairs, and allowing regrowth or extensions to be applied.specialised hairs to the natrual

Lash Lifting & Tint
Bring a friend: $200 each
60 min
Lasts up to 8-12 weeks of curl. No pain, no upkeep, perfect for the spring & summer!

Brow tint: $25 (15 min)

Lash tint: $25 (15 min)

Combo: $45 (25 min)


Add a lash tint to a service: $20

(follow up trim, wax, tint)
max. 3 weeks between visits
(trim & wax)
Upper lip: $10
Chin: $10
Forehead: $10
Add a lip or chin wax to brow service: $6
Add a forehead wax to brow service: $8
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