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Where we will discuss looks, options, and payments. Most of the final decisions are made over the trial appointment.  I encourage you to book your trial on a day you are taking your engagement photos or going to an event so that you can see how it looks in photos and the longevity of the makeup application so that you can tell me any changes I need to make for the actual wedding day!

Brows w/tint

Brows. Are. My. Thing! Not only do the brows frame the face, they are what really brings the make-up to life. It is necessary that all of my brides get their brows done so that the whole makeup look can flow very nicely together. This appointment will be made the week of your wedding date, I will trim, wax, reshape and beautifully arch your brows with tint. This will give you fuller looking well-groomed brows for your special day.

Oxygen facial

This is my most requested facial treatment. It can be best described as a light chemical peel. This service is very relaxing as it includes a lot of massaging, and the best part is that there is absolutely no irritation. The Oxygen facial will melt all the dead skin build up revealing radiant, plumped, and hydrated skin so that when make-up applied its completely even and looks that more radiant and flawless. All dry skin patchiness will be gone!

Wedding make-up

To ensure long-lasting flawless make-up there are lots of tedious steps involved. We have already prepped the brows and skin, now it’s time to prep the face with layers of light make-up. Within 2 hours, the face would look dewy, glowy, and picture perfect while still feeling light and your skin looks like skin!

Custom Facial

: A custom facial with massage, deep cleaning of the pores and chemical peel needed given the skin condition. Don’t worry, not all of Mae’s peels will make you actually peel. Our goal is to rejuvenate, create and prepare a beautiful canvas for makeup applications and overall healthy skin.

Derma Rolling

an instrument that creates micro pathways on the skin for better product penetration and helps improves collagen, smooth out wrinkles, and evens out skin pigmentation. This really takes the results of your facials to a whole new level.

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