Reiki simply put is energy healing. Reiki is not a religion and you don’t even have to believe in Reiki for it to work.  It also will not interfere or go against any religion. In fact, many cultures and religions have a name for “Energy”; “the Taoist Chinese call it Chi, in Japan it is called Ki, Native Americans call it Ni, in Indian Yoga it is called Prana.  Christians refer to it as The Holy Light or Holy Ghost and in Hebrew, it is called Ruach.” -Stegan Mager

     The concept of a system of chakras facilitating this “energy” has originated in Eastern Spiritual traditions. Each Chakra coincides with a different aspect of life, providing important functions on the four levels of existence; physical, emotional, intellectual and subtle.  Clearing and healing energy/chakras help to build up your body’s natural strength and immunity.

     When your energy or chakra system is not flowing it ends up affecting life in stressful ways.  Energy Healing or Reiki can aide in realigning chakras and clearing up stress, in turn, revitalizing your flow of energy and relieving anxieties and stress.   When people hear “healing” it can make them uncomfortable, maybe because it sounds too New Age. However, “healing”, simply put, means being proactive in doing something that has a positive effect on the mind and body.  

     Ideally, a private Reiki healing session is best booked when you need to be lifted or supported physically, emotionally or spiritually. Even when you can’t pinpoint what’s troubling you, or what you’re missing, energy healing will give you exactly the type of energy and comfort you’re in need of.  It will assist you in handling life better on a daily basis and navigate through the storms that come your way..

Chakra alignment/re-balance with crystals:

A ‘block’ is a place where energy is trapped or constricted. In dealing with a block, you need to get the energy moving which is what Reiki does. When energy flows through the whole body it creates harmony and releases imbalances. Reiki assists to bring the chakras into alignment and balance.

No chakra works independently of the other chakras, they are all part of the whole energy system. Each chakra only works fully when the other chakras are also fully engaged.  Crystals helps activate and charge the chakras. Each chakra has a role in balancing some aspect of our life physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Many things can affect our chakras from our physical environment to our emotions to our mental dialogue. It’s essential for good health, to be aware of how balanced or unbalanced our chakras are.


Intuition:  Connect with Spirit guides:

Most Reiki practitioners are light workers, meaning they are highly intuitive and some have the ability to connect with spirit guides that come from a place of love and light. By connecting with higher guides, Mae is able to share any messages she receives to bring attention to the client. If you have ever wanted to meet your higher self, Mae is able to see the client at their highest potential when channeling.



Simply speaking, if you even think about something is challenging you, you probably find yourself tired from trying to figure it all out, you many feel a knot in your stomach, or anger rising from inside. From this place, it can be harder to make choices that feel aligned – this is where healing comes in.

Energy likes to move and wants to move but can get stuck – healing helps the energy to move better through the body so you don’t get ‘lost’ in the emotions, mental dialogue of your issue so you can move through it.

Mae enjoys coaching her client’s from an energetic and spiritual perspective within her reiki sessions.


Angel Card Readings:

Angel cards are simply a magical tool, used to help with giving definite direction and awareness in the session.


Healing Facial | REIKI

     This skin/soul facial treatment not only will leave your skin rejuvenated and glowing but create a sense of peace and clarity of mind which will uplift your spirit, in turn, benefit the physical look of your skin. This facial will not only include the luxurious protocol of the classic facial for the skin but also incorporate a curated shamanic and reiki treatment that will include angel guide readings and healing crystals.  Another highlighted difference will be an intense hydrating mask which will amplify the oxygenation of the skin, delay signs of aging, boosts collagen production, detox the skin and heal the head chakras. By focusing considerably on the upper chakras, this treatment will give you a deep sense of calm and clarity by removing the worries and anxieties from your head and it will reflect on the face.


What to expect:

Mae will cleanse the room of all negative energy and have the client ease into the chair with a guided breath work meditation. 

From there as she works on your customized facial, Mae will assist you in letting go of energy that no longer serves your spirit to ground you and pulls from a higher vibration to lift and empower you.

Mae focuses on aiding you to channel your energy much more effectively, and as result, client's have shared an enormous shift in their energy and leaving the appointment lighter, happier and much more clear on their life and skin care goals. 

     If you’re ready to relax and in need of a pick me up for both face and spirit the following facial treatment are great options to choose from.

Please consult with Mae to see which of the following is best suited for client and current needs.

-Custom Facial paired with Reiki + Intuitive Reading

1 hr. $275

-Custom Treatment Facial paired with Intensive Reiki + Intuitive Reading+ Chakra alignment + Guided Meditation to meet your higher self., finishing off with an angel card reading. 

(Led Light therapy and Vitamin C enzyme peel is included)

2 hr. $375

Reiki Session (First time with Mae)

$333 – 2 Hr.

(This includes an  intimate guided meditation with your higher self  & take home gift to use for your home)

(No Facial)

Follow up appointments:

30 min: $85-$100

1 Hour: $150-$165

1.5 Hours: $200-$225

2 hours:$222- $333

With my hands on Reiki, therapy clients feel more aligned, calm, relaxed, peaceful, clear-minded and productive. Reiki is administered by the hands, placed lightly on or near the body over the chakras.  Each session will include an aura clearing using sage or palo santo, chakra reading to assess blockages, crystals to enhance the vibrational energetic experience, angel reading cards, essential oils hand-picked for each client to revitalize mind and body senses and soothing music that allows for deep relaxation. Tea infused with CBD or Kava to calm the central nervous system for meditating and you will learn how to connect with your higher self and guides so that you can continue to pursue a healthy relationship within your spiritual journey. 



     "It was through my reiki facial with Mae that I uncovered so much more about myself and the clarity I was searching for. We have to heal ourselves from the inside to radiate from the outside is what I'm learning from Mae. During the session I was way more emotional then I would have ever expected. Mae was able to uncover and guide my heart and allocate those energies into purpose. It was through this session I was able to manifest and energize myself into action. One particular thought during the session was being financially free for my family. 3 days after, I got a call about a past job I’d done. They ended up paying me $45k for past usage of my work! The lack of work and struggle I have faced over the past year has faded and I am flooded with opportunity. To add my skin is glowing and my stress acne is gone. I overall feel this reiki facial has brought new light and love into my life, a new breath has been instilled in me and I am beyond grateful to have Mae in my life now. She has a true gift. This was a powerful session of transformation. I believe this is something anyone should do. Internal self-care is where it begins!"- Samantha L. 


Abundance Session

$350 •  1 -2 hrs.

(No Facial)

Focus on removing the fear of having success, money, and abundance. 

Similar to a regular Reiki session, the difference is that Mae will bless a Benjamin and gift to you to keep sacred in your wallet. 

Removing fear will allow your spirit to accept the frequency of abundance. Abundance is a very high vibration and will bless those that truly want to have a positive relationship with it.

*Disclaimer: The frequency of light money is only attracted to those who harness genuine and clear intentions. Mae will not accept clients who wish to acquire abundance out of greed.*


Self-Empowerment Healing Ceremony 

$1,000•  6-8 hrs. 

(Only available to those who have received a Healing facial or a Reiki session with Mae) 

A day filled with Reiki, guided meditation, self-healing exercise, and facial massage.

You will leave feeling empowered, light, more focus, and more importantly awaken. Please contact Mae for more information on this private ceremony.

     "When I say it was life-changing that doesn't even cut it. My experience was remarkable and has allowed me to open a whole new door to a whole new world that I have been exploring since the facial. Before I was even presented the opportunity, my world was at a pause but that did not stop me from watching Mae strengthen her energy and allow all the positivity flow through her career, social, and self-health. When I walked into her studio at that moment it already had a different vibe it was filled with light instantly giving me excitement. As anxious as I was, Mae helps to soothe you and prepared you by explaining what she will exactly be doing. Mae guides you from the from the moment you set up an appointment to the end of your session. Allowing you to feel safe throughout the whole experience as you are guided to remove blockages within you; it will bring emotions and thoughts. That you are not afraid to feel because at the end of it all you replace it all with light and positivity. That radiates this glow. Since my healing my facial I have felt lighter and I know I can keep getting lighter because I have been able to overcome many obstacles that I allowed to hold me back. These changes were done instantly from just a few hours I cut off all toxic relationships and began to walk with my head held high. I highly recommend Mae's healing facials because its

something anyone should experience its opening a door to allow in that warmth of light into your life."-Marisela L.


     "I've been going to Mae for over two years, and I initially went to her for my brows. Over the last two years, I have gradually added services from Mae- I started with brows and then began to regularly add facials and peels, as well as makeup services. I've been able to witness her evolution as a woman and a businesswoman, and the most exciting journey to see Mae embark on has been her spiritual journey. The joy she has for life radiates from her and I love the positive energy and lift that I get from our visits. Because I'm a regular customer and a full-time supporter of Mae, she offered me an Energy Healing Facial after she obtained her Reiki 3 certification. It's important to note that Mae is not an esthetician that will push services to make a sale. We speak openly about our spirituality because I am comfortable with her, but if I chose to not be so open, she would respect my boundaries without question. She cares about her clients, and because we share struggles and successes, she knows that I would be a great candidate for an energy facial.

     The service was more of an energy healing in the form of a facial. While Mae did cleanse my skin and administer a peel, the focus of the service was on healing my energy. The air in the room was cleansed, and I held a crystal for the entirety of the service. Mae prayed over me and I had a guardian angel, my higher self, and my spirit animal appear to speak through Mae to me. I had a couple of situations in my life that I have been praying about, and I was able to hear a perspective from my angel and from my higher self that helped provide direction. I also realized a couple of parts of my life that I can improve upon, and over the week following my service I have a heightened awareness on which parts of my life need improvement, and it's been incredible.

     Mae gave me the chance to ask my guardian angels, higher self, and spirit animal any questions I might have. I asked a question that I needed confirmation my gut instinct was correct on, and my guardian angel answered the question correctly. I wasn't testing Mae, but it made me feel better that my gut was correct and my question was answered the way I expected it to be answered, and not the way I wanted it to be answered.

     I naturally carry all my stress in my shoulders and my neck had been very tight when I had the service with Mae. She did some energy work on my shoulders and back, and through deep breathes and relaxation, I immediately felt the tension in my shoulders and back lessen. It was amazing. I had increased mobility immediately following the service. The entire experience was very relaxing.

     The most impactful part of my experience was at the end of the service when Mae administers an energy card reading. I prayed throughout the service for direction in a very specific situation and when I pulled an energy card that was detailed to exactly what I was going through. I got goosebumps! It was unbelievable and very comforting.

     The purpose of this service for me was to cleanse my energy and heal my body inside and out. It's a huge perk that my skin looks incredible a week out of treatment. No blemishes and I don't have to wear any makeup. When I choose to, the application will be flawless because Mae has cared for my skin.

     This service is for people who are open to energy healing. Mae would never pressure anyone into an energy healing facial, but it's something that I think everybody needs! It's a service that I will get from Mae at least twice a year. It is a great opportunity to listen to your body and listen to your guardian angels. It's important for an esthetician to knowledgeably care for your outward appearance, but it's more important to visit an esthetician that has the ability to help heal you from the inside out as well." -Emily B.

     "Thank you for being the doorway to this experience! 

 I have been a client of Mae’s for about 2 years now! She does my eyebrows/lashes & recently did my wedding makeup. With all of the stress, no sleep and constant on the go in my life I pushed my body until it couldn’t be pushed anymore. I basically broke myself. During one of my appointments, I told Mae about all of the stress and the stomach issues I was having because of everything going on. I explained how I felt this huge knot constantly twisting inside my stomach and how it was so painful I couldn’t eat without getting sick afterward. She told me she had experienced something similar. That’s when she introduced me to the healing powers of Reiki. Reiki is energy healing that looks at the deeper causes of illness...

Mae offered to give me a facial+ healing session so that I could figure out what was “eating away” at me internally and then heal emotionally. A lot of people may not realize this but your gut is like a second brain. It will let you know when you are hurting yourself and it will stop you in your tracks, trust me! During this experience, I felt calm, relaxed & safe with Mae. I didn’t know what to expect at first but afterward, it opened my eyes. It helped me feel a sense of calmness and reassurance. Then it left me with a few questions and the start of a journey. Fast forward a few weeks, Mae introduces me to Reiki Master Christy Marsh and I have my first full-on healing session. Let me tell you why this matters, during my session with Christy she mentioned things that were also mentioned during my session with Mae. Clue words and things that made sense to no one else but me! Because of my experience with Mae, I was more understanding and more knowing after my session with Christy!! It was amazing! Mae’s facial+healing session was just what I needed in the middle of my crazy life-changing experience. It was the perfect quick way to relax/pamper myself, the perfect way to get back in tune with myself, & the pick me up I needed to get through the rest of the week. Not only did I feel refreshed on the inside but I looked refreshed on the outside as well!! I would definitely recommend giving Mae a try if you’ve been needing to get back in touch with yourself and needing an energy healing session. I can verify that she knows what she’s doing and her energy is so welcoming! 
Thank you Mae!" -Sophia P.

     "I originally came to see Mae because I was suffering with severe depression and anxiety and I started dealing with the affects of my childhood trauma. Mae was recommended to me by one of my colleagues at work that did a reiki session with her and had a very positive experience. After being a regular client with her for awhile now I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering reiki.   

     For the first reiki session Mae called upon my higher self, spirit guides, and ancestors. My higher self told Mae that everything I was going through at the time was the right thing and supposed to be happening. She said that it was necessary for me to go through a tough time to learn and grow. This gave me a lot of relief because I had a big problem with thinking that I fell off my path and my life was going in the wrong direction. Mae told me that my Great Grandpa had stepped forward and showed her my dad’s life story. Everything was spot on, I couldn’t believe it! She explained to me that because he didn’t receive love from his parents, he didn’t know how to love and that he loves me as much as he knows how to. She told me that I need to look at him as a human being having a human experience that went through hard times instead of looking at him with an emotional connection of my father that should of loved me more. She asked me if I ever get a sharp pain in my lower left side of my stomach, and I do all the time I get cramps but even though I should be cramping then, she told me that this happens because that is the part of the body that represents the father and there is an energetic cord that connects us there and that when he has flashbacks I can feel it. She told me that I am holding onto these memories and beliefs of men and I need to work on cutting the energetic cord that is connected to him and it will help me let go of these false beliefs. After this session I realized it was a lot easier to be around my dad and talk to him because I dealt with him in a different way. I would take his words and actions and I would let it affect me on an emotional level I would just try to process it and know that he is trying his best for what he can do. I took the information to my brain instead of my heart.

     For the first full body reiki session I did with her we focused on my relationship with men in general. Since I was little I've had an uncomfortable relationship with men, which has negatively impacted how I go through life. She had me lay down and she placed all these crystals around me. Mae went through my chakras, which she found I had many blockages in my stomach, and so she tried moving the energy around. She guided me through a meditation that would energetically flush the blockages out. Next she called upon my spirit guides, Mae explained to me that I have two spirit guides each of them are the higher selves of my two aunts! This was not shocking because I have always been close with both of them. Mae told me that I should open up to them about my issues with my father because they could help me change the communication between him and me for the better. Something that was interesting was how Mae told me that before I came into this life, my dad chose to be abusive so I could learn these lessons at a younger age instead of growing up and being in a relationship with an abusive partner. She said that my dad chose to sacrifice his relationship with me so I could learn this lesson and I should work on being grateful instead of disheartened. Mae showed me that I am subconsciously holding onto my problems with men, she had me do guided meditation on how to feel more comfortable around them. After this reiki session I felt an unexplainable emotional surge of anger and sadness, the reiki was helping me let go of these emotions. 

     The second time I did full body reiki with Mae we focused on my social anxiety. She let me know that she could feel my energy getting lighter and lighter because I've been working on raising my vibration. She said that my dad’s higher self had backed off of me since the last time I saw her. She told me that my higher self was so proud of me because I had been so much more gentle with myself and less shameful and more positive. Next, Mae cleansed my energy and asked if I was going near water anytime soon and I was going on a cruise that next week. Mae told me that I would have a great time on my cruise and that the water would be very therapeutic especially the third day, she told me to go off on my own and take snorkeling gear and observe the underwater environment (I didn’t know this at the time but on the third day of the cruise we went snorkeling in an ancient holy Mayan cave! It was very ethereal and healing). Then Mae and I did a guided meditation where we went through different social situations and discussed my feelings and anxieties surrounds them and she talked me through my thoughts that were holding me back. 

     For my third reiki session with Mae, we focused on my career, I wanted clarity on what my next step should be, and we also focused on opening my third eye more. A few days prior, I was offered an opportunity to start my own business, which was a really big step for me. Mae reassured me that it was a good opportunity and then she called in the higher self of this colleague that I would be in business with she said that she is a good person to go into business with and she said she has amazing energy. Mae said that this was a good time to start my own business and I need to take this time and opportunity to learn how to run a successful business. Another thing I wanted to focus on during this reiki session with Mae was opening up my third eye. With each reiki session my intuition was getting more and more strong and all these synchronicities were happening. For strengthening my third eye she had me think of a crystal sitting on my third eye. When I closed my eyes I saw a bright blue light and then I saw my spirit guides holding a huge, beautiful, shiny, clear crystal and I saw them lower it into my third eye like they were planting a tree! It was such an amazing experience. After this reiki session I have noticed that I know what people are going to say before they even say it. I will be working with a client and when they are talking to me, their next sentence will pop into my head and I will know what they are going to say. She also told me that my energy was a complete 180 from when she had met me 3 months prior and I was vibrating much higher (I felt it too!).

     In my most recent reiki session with Mae she called upon my spirit team and they told her that I am making amazing process with my healing journey and raising my vibration. She told me that this next chapter of my life I am meant to be a mentor for my little brother. Him and I have gone through similar experiences and now that I am healing from those experiences I have the knowledge to help guide him through his healing process. Also, I told Mae that in the past few months I had been feeling a strong male energy around me at night. She called him in and asked him who he was, he told her that he is my body guard and I knew him in a past life. He protects me and makes sure there is only higher vibration spirits around me at night. A few months ago, I was meditating and I heard a name that started with "Da.." I wrote it down and forgot about it since. Mae asked him what his name was and he told her "Dave"! It was such a validation to me that my intuition is getting much stronger. Between now and the first time I saw Mae, I have lost 30-40 lbs, I have been getting more psychic thoughts and connect with my angels and spirit guides easier, I feel the need to eat healthier, I get annoyed less easily, I look at every situation with love, and my anxiety and depression have tremendously decreased. Seeing Mae for reiki has changed my life in the most amazing way! I highly recommend going to Mae for helping you learn more about yourself and guidance to a healthy mindset.

     Mae asked me if I had ever tried CBD oil, which I had in the past and it did nothing for me. When Mae told me that her CBD oil was made of top quality ingredients and a high potency I thought I would give it a try and now I use it everyday! I was apprehensive to try it because I didn't want it to make me feel dull and inattentive but, if anything, I feel a lot more on the ball. In fact, I take it everyday before I drive to work, it helps me be able to look at my life more rationally than always overthinking and paranoid. It helps calm me down and keep me level headed yet, I don't feel drowsy and lifeless. I have recommended Mae's CBD oil to multiple of my friends and I would suggest anyone take it who struggles with anxiety. " - Karli P.

When scheduling any energy work with Mae... Please book at least 2 weeks in advance so that Mae can properly arrange your service accordingly. Mae prefers to do energy work on her light days so that she can give you her best.  
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