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Mae is one of the only Jet Plasma service providers in the KC metro area. This unique skin-care treatment is able to sculpt the face with ease, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with NO pain and NO downtime. This treatment alone, or paired with a facial, is one of the top options when wanting to accomplish a skin transformation towards improvement in overall skin condition.



Transformation Investment



Full Face & Eyes 









$400 - $800

$400 - $800



15 - 45 minutes

What is included:

  • Pre-cleanse

  • Jet Plasma

  • Light therapy

  • Collagen Shot

This is for you if:

​You are looking for a quick skin "pick me up".

To see full results, extended packages are highly recommended.


Transformation Investment

Elevated Jet Plasma Treatment with Luxurious Facial $800 per session

  • 3 sessions: $1,951 $1,853 (you save $98)

  • 6 sessions: $3,900 $3,510 (you save $390)

  • 8 sessions: $5,200 $4,420 (you save $780)


90 - 120 minutes

What is included:

  • Dermaplaning (at first session only)

  • Pre-cleanse facial

  • Enzyme mask

  • Customized serums

  • Celluma medical-grade light therapy

  • Scalp massage

  • Nano-fusion treatment

  • Aromatherapy

  • Hot stones

  • Collagen shot

This is for you if:

You are wanting to achieve both skin transformation and relaxation. This specific series package will turn back the hands of time while feeling served luxuriously. Med spa-like treatment meets wellness at its finest.


Transformation Investment

Full Face & Eyes (includes Medical Grade LED light therapy)

  • 3 sessions: $1,350 $1,200 (you save $150)

  • 6 sessions: $2,700 $2,400 (you save $300)

  • 8 sessions: $3,600 $3,200 (you save $400)

     (includes a 10 day supply of collagen)


  • 3 sessions: $895 $855 (you save $45)

  • 6 sessions: $1,800 $1,620 (you save $180)

  • 8 sessions: $2,400 $2,040 (you save $360)

Tummy / Head / Hands / Knees (consultation required)

  • 3 sessions: save 5% when bundled

  • 6 sessions: save 10% when bundled

  • 8 sessions: save 15% when bundled


15 - 45 minutes

What is included:

  • Pre-cleanse

  • Jet Plasma

  • Light therapy

  • Collagen Shot

This is for you if:

​You are looking for all of the long-term benefits of jet plasma, but want to bundle and save.


Menu of add ons:

  • Add NanoFusion treatment to buff out fine lines & wrinkles $150

  • Add Dermaplaning to remove dead skin & peach fuzz $100



What is Jet Plasma?

Jet Plasma is next generation technology for skin tightening, collagen production, wrinkle reduction, and elasticity improvement that produces an immediate skin-tightening effect, dramatically improving fine lines and wrinkles, achieving great results without surgery. Plasma energy is the latest innovation to help people look years younger, and can be used on several areas including around the eyes.

Jet Plasma is the only direct-current plasma medical device on the market, and is used for a variety of skin treatments. Its safe, effective, and consistent plasma energy generates heat, warming the skin and producing a wide range of desired effects.
The Jet Plasma device was designed with Jet (J Plasma) and Cold Plasma for best results using a strong low atmospheric plasma temperature on the surface of the skin, making this a pain-free procedure.

How does Jet Plasma work?

Jet Plasma is a low-temperature plasma device which means it can be used on the person’s face and body.
Because the current is continuously in one direction it has an advantage over the alternative current versions in terms of control and the size and depth of the area it comes in contact with. This means the treatment is more precise and the downtime may be shorter.

  • Jet Plasma works by remodeling and repairing skin from inside out

  • Although you may see immediate improvement with one treatment, the skin will continue to improve over the next 6-8 weeks as collagen regenerates.

  • It has a sterilization effect so it is great for acne and other skin conditions.

  • Jet is anti-inflammatory to aid in calming eczema and rosacea.

What is Jet Plasma used for?

  • Non-surgical eyelid lifting (non-surgical blepharoplasty)

  • Softening of creases or wrinkles around the mouth (smokers lines) and eyes (crow’s feet)

  • Improving acne scarring and minimizing pore size

  • Lightening and reducing pigment spots, and melasma

  • Reducing stretch marks and tightening loose skin

  • Skin lifting, sculpting, and tightening on face, neck and body including brows lifts and crows feet

  • Hand rejuvenation

Am I a candidate for Jet Plasma?

Candidates for Jet Plasma treatments are patients who wish to improve acne, wrinkles, pigmentation or skin elasticity. Jet Plasma can be used on the skin almost anywhere on the body.


You are NOT a candidate for Jet Plasma Lift if you have any of the following:

  • Pacemakers, Holter ECG monitoring system or other implanted electrical devices

  • Epilepsy

  • Pregnancy or nursing

  • Metal implants in the treated area

  • Skin diseases, skin inflammations

  • Acute inflammatory disease

  • Oncological disease

  • Allergy to local anesthetics

  • Allergy to disinfectants

Treatment & Results

ezgif-2-897577ea8e.jpeg (1).jpg

How long does one treatment take?
Most Jet Plasma treatments take between 20 minutes to one hour. This varies widely depending on the size and number of treatment areas.

What Results Will I See?

Jet Plasma treatments produce instant results and this process continues to take effect from the first 2-4 weeks up to 3 months.
**The effect of the treatment directly correlates to individual genetics, diet and lifestyle, skin health, and to the number of treatments performed. ​

For Best Results?
Depending on client's goals, The more session are performed the better skin results will be. Maintenance care can be customized and discussed during visits.


How Often Can I receive treatment?
Jet plasma can be performed every 48 hours up to a max of 8 sessions. After 8, the skin needs to have a break of 6-8 weeks for the skin collagen to rebuild. Client can then do another series of 3-8 to continue improving results.

How long do the results last?
The effects of Jet Plasma can last 2-5 years. You will age as you would normally and your skin will continue to loosen and relax as part of the aging process. Like all esthetic procedures, results and the longevity of results are based on age, genetics, lifestyle factors, sun exposure all which are within the control of the client. Future maintenance of the treated area should be discussed with Mae, as everyone’s skin is different.

Can I receive Jet Plasma after fillers or Botox?

Yes, you can receive this one week after fillers and 2 weeks after Botox! However, frequent treatments of Jet, You wont need as much Botox!

Is There Any Downtime?
No, as long as client follows aftercare protocol.

Aftercare Protocol


What is the aftercare like?

Following your treatment, due to the channels in the skin being open, it is important that nothing is applied to the skin for 12 hours other than what your skin care professional puts on your skin.

  • No makeup can be worn after the treatment for 12 hours.

  • No exercise, steam room, or sauna for 12 hours following the treatment.

After 12 hours, you can resume your normal routine.



As an esthetician, I enjoy performing Jet plasma because it ACTUALLY works within one treatment. In today's world, everyone is busy and to be able to perform such a treatment
where clients can see immediate results and feel amazing afterwards is completely satisfactory! The BEST part with Jet Plasma is that the more you treat the better your skin looks! Being a woman and a service provider myself, I love seeing improvements quickly and Jet has been one of the greatest tools and technology I've added into my facial room in supporting my clients looking their best and healing their skin!



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