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It's one thing to look amazing for your big appearance on that stage, in front of that class, shooting for your campaign....Its another when your make-up artist is your ultimate hype girl as well! Nothing beats a genuine cheerleader glamming you up for your big moment and creating that aura of ease, excitement, and empowering the powerhouse you are! Mindset work and strength support is included to ensure you look and feel your best!


Best Face Investment:



48 hours (not including travel time)

What is included:

  • Prep your skin the night before with Mae's facial kit

  • Makeup the morning of your event

  • Touch Ups throughout the day

This is for you if:

This is for women at conferences, high-level speaking engagements, televisions / movie roles, etc.



Best Face Investment:



Per day - after initial 48 hours

What is included:

  • The ongoing process ensuring skin is healthy and makeup looks perfect for your ongoing occasion.


This is for you if:

You are attending a conference or event that lasts multiple days.


What is included:

  • Add Jet Plasma treatment for a "pick me up" instant skin tightening, lifting, and firming affect. $200

  • Add Chakra alignment to promote balance and focus allowing you to embody the energy that is best suited for the occasion. $100


Booking a makeup artist for a business event can be a strategic decision for a woman in business for several reasons:


Professional Appearance

You are wanting to enhance your professional appearance, ensuring a look that supports polished and put-together. This can boost confidence and make a positive impression on clients, partners, and colleagues.


Boosted Confidence

Looking and feeling your best can boost your confidence, which can be especially important when you're engaging in networking, presenting, or leading discussions at a business event.


Camera Ready

If the event involves media coverage, photos, or videos, we can ensure you look your best on camera. Make-up will translate well in different lighting and under camera flashes, making you look your best in all situations.



Tailoring to your makeup needs to suit your personal style and the specific tone of the event. Whether it's a natural look or something more dramatic, Mae can create a look that aligns with your goals for the event.


Stress Reduction

Receiving professional make-up can help alleviate stress on the day of the event. You can relax and trust that Mae will make you look your best, which can help you feel more at ease. 


Skin Care

With Mae's background in professional skin care she can prepare your skin before makeup application, helping you achieve a flawless finish and potentially addressing any skin concerns.


Brand Image

Your appearance can be an important part of your personal brand. Consistently presenting yourself well, with the help of a makeup artist, can contribute to a strong and consistent brand image.



Not only will Mae be by your side, she will  ensure promotion and brand recognition towards you as your biggest hype girl.


Why did you book Mae to do your event makeup?

I booked Mae Monroe because of several reasons. One, she has a track record of working with women who need other women that know their power and worth! Second, she has the expertise and skills to create the look that needs to be achieved. Third, she pairs your overall goal with skincare so that the end result is flawless and high-end. Fourth, it saves me time and effort. She is experienced in working efficiently and can complete a full makeup look in the environment that it requires. Lastly, she can provide valuable advice and guidance based on her own life experiences. Overall, Mae is more than just a makeup artist. She is a woman that has achieved success in her field of becoming a esthetician but a woman that is dedicated to self-mastery. I admire a woman that doesn't let life's challenges get in the way of her growth and elevating herself to be the woman she wants to be!

What was the experience like for you?

The experience was professional also entertaining! Mae is multi-skilled in reading into the environment and her client. She is able to tune in and ask questions to tailor the experience!

What results did you have after receiveing this experience?

The results lasted all day with the makeup look. The impact of working with Mae has and will last a lifetime! She has not only inspired me but I have applied action to some of the things I have learned from her! I continue to refer her to others as I know she is a unique, rare and ONE OF A KIND makeup artist!

What were the benefits of having Mae in your corner during your event?

The benefits of having Mae in my corner at my 7 Figure Award event was that I had an entourage! I felt supported and ultimately at a place of success being able to have a team support me walk across stage to receive and accept the 7 Figure Award!

What advice do you have for someone looking to book Mae to do their
professional makeup?

Advice I have for you that is considering to booking Mae to do your professional look for your event, DO IT! The return on investment is you will LOOK your best! Also, she will be your hype girl too and you will FEEL your best! She embodies opulence with everything she does, and I want to surround myself with another woman that radiates their power and worth because it only strengths my own power and worth!

-Ceally S.

Mae Web Photo-3.png


There is something about seeing a powerhouse living in her purpose, taking names, showing up and facing the world that's inspiring. To be able to be a part of another woman's life mission, journey and drive towards that next stage in her life is such an honor! Nothing beats the joy and excitement seeing my client looking flawless when stepping into her magic! (Being a woman in business myself, I appreciate other women's greatness) And if looking your best during a pivotal moment in your life sounds amazing, I want to be THAT make-up artist that gets to witness and experience those amazing highlights of yours alongside you! Let me not just glam you up but also cheer you on and clap for you as you continue becoming HER.



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