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"Every time I have a session with Mae, My life elevates in so many ways!
This time I did the spiritual and business consult & when I tell you I walked out of there with my internal fire lit again! I AM BURNING. With passion, desire, determination ALL OF IT HONEY.
I'm so ready to take on the new goals and aspirations! I will say one should not have expectations on what you THINK you're going in for. Your session with be based on intuition and what's best for you! Sometimes we don't know what's best for us but our guide's definitely do, I'm not arguing with them 😂. I feel so refreshed and charged and I cannot wait to put the plans in action and see everything come to life! Thank you Mae! All our sessions are 1000000% worth it! ❤️✨" - Lissa N.

Hey Mae, Since my birthday reading/healing session, within 3weeks, I received $90K of student loan debt forgiven, I was approved for my new townhome (which I will move into on 10/15), 3 bonuses from job and raise coming soon, and I've have been showered with love by all of these handsome men. The $555 session was worth every penny lol🥺. But the biggest blessing was hearing my mother say that she was very proud of me. My mom has never came through in any of my readings. When you told me she came through wearing purple, I found a picture of her wear a purple outfit. That was the last time I saw her truly happy. Thank you for everything and see you next time for my next facial!!!!! - Jessica H.

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      A trailblazing first-generation Vietnamese American who has carved her unique niche as an all-encompassing beauty and business guru. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, she has thrived in the industry for eight remarkable years, building an empire primarily through referrals and the power of word-of-mouth. Mae's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion, as she has etched her name as one of the top go-to makeup artist and beauty expert in Kansas City. Her innate ability to blend creativity with business acumen has not only earned her a thriving clientele but also the coveted title of the best makeup artist in Kansas City for four consecutive years. Mae Monroe's ambitious pursuit of perfection reflects her unyielding determination to continually evolve and embody the very essence of her mantra: To become her B.E.S.T in pursuit of happiness & success. 

     From her roots as a first-generation Vietnamese American, Mae has harnessed her heritage's rich tapestry to infuse her work with authenticity and innovation. Beyond her exceptional skill with a makeup brush, she has also emerged as an influential entrepreneur, fostering an empire that thrives on client satisfaction and trust. Mae's journey from humble beginnings to a position of prominence is a testament to her boundless energy and relentless pursuit of excellence. As she stands at the forefront crossing between beauty, healing and entrepreneurial industries, Mae Monroe's story continues to inspire aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike, reminding us all that with determination, passion, and an unbreakable spirit, we can sculpt our destinies into works of art.

    Enjoy browsing around her website- where you will get to learn more about Mae, her personality, professionalism, and all the things she loves to do creating art into her work. 



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Mae Monroe is located in the Brookside Area of Kansas City, MO. Her exact address will be provided upon booking a service with Mae.

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