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Practical Coaching and Intuitive Consulting is Mae’s approach to assisting her clients in achieving their personal and professional goals.  She works with her clients to find clarity in their goals, digging deeper beyond the immediate needs to learn what it is that they want to be, learn, and create in their lives. Mae's coaching is a process during which Mae will sit and help come up with practical steps to move her clients forward toward their goals.  Her consulting helps her clients look inward to identify what they need to work on to become the version of themselves that is required to fulfill those steps and grow towards their full potential.

(All sessions include healing and energy work whether hands-on or virtual. All sessions will be based on intentions, results, and goals desired.)


Personal Growth Investment

$1,500 per session


3-4 hours

What is included:

  • Gaining clarity on your life and soul purpose so that you have inner peace and knowing that you are on the right track.

  • A massive boost in confidence so that you don't allow fear to get in the way of your goals and dreams.

  • Clearer headspace so that you can easily decide what's best for you and make important decisions with ease.

  • Healthier habits that support your overall well-being and set you up for success.

  • Supported weight loss so that you don't have to do it all alone.


This is for you if:

Want nurturing support and quick shifting to get "unstuck" and to start building momentum in your life.



Personal Growth Investment



7-9 hours

What is included:

  • Oxygen Dermaplaning Facial to achieve hydration and that sexy glow for days to come as you get it girl.

  • Energy Work on mind, body and spirit to allow  you to feel relaxed, inspired and realigned while also receiving intuitive messages for the soul...Yes please!

  • Signature Make-up Application to bring out that amazing baddie in you who's here to do good in this world and to take on her dreams and aspirations courageously! Plus it's time for a new profile pic sis!

  • Sharing aspirations and Visions in a Maserati, imagine riding in a sexy sports car with euphoric heart activation songs vibrating throughout our body where we get excited heading towards your future self!

  • Coaching & Consulting conversations with game planning over a yummy dinner to discuss strategies to support you in reaching that next success for yourself. Rather it be personal or professional- Let's remind and ensure that you got all that it takes to make it happen! Yes Queen.

  • Mini Photoshoot: We defiantly need to capture you in all of your glory, plus its amazing to look back on.

  • Follow Up Signature Facial: Lets make sure your skin and goals is still looking good one or two months later

  • Surprise Gift


This is for you if:

This is for the woman who wants to celebrate and expand herself! Tapping into your BEST self, Getting more & receiving more! You want to exude beauty with a "bomb" makeover, and you just want to feel good and be on some "queen sh*t!


Personal Growth Investment

$5,250  $3,000

(you receive $2,250 in savings)


3 months: 1 session per month

What is included:

  • Two 30-minute maintenance calls per month in addition to your coaching session.



Personal Growth Investment

$10,500  $5,000

(you receive $5,500 in savings)

Payment plan option: $926 per session


4 - 6 months: 1 session per month

(Multiple sessions per month as needed)

What is included:

  • Two 30-minute maintenance calls per month in addition to your coaching session.



Personal Growth Investment

$14,500  $8,888

(you receive $5,612 in savings)

Payment plan option: $1,250 per session


6 - 8 months: 1 session per month

(Multiple sessions per month as needed)

What is included:

  • Two 30-minute maintenance calls per month in addition to your coaching session.

  • Exclusive access to one ceremonial VIP DAY with Mae ($2,500 value)




Come enjoy a day for yourself where selfcare meets empowerment with enlightenment. Expect it to be ALL for you, allowing you to be completely open and free to receive beauty, entrepreneurship and some fun spirituality and teachings for your soul. Starting with a hydrating result driven facial to prepare you for that amazing make-over where we will glam you up along with realigning and rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit. Tapping into that best version of yourself while taking a ride in a sexy and luxurious Maserati to visualize and manifest your dreams into reality. Going over goals and receiving a game plan to accomplish those aspirations and to activate momentum over a delicious meal while looking fresh, beautiful and powerful!

You can expect such a day to always remember:

The ultimate Boss Babe day with lots of fun and personal development towards greater achievements, yasssss!


Booking a coaching and consulting package can provide you with a structured and comprehensive approach to achieve your specific goals or overcoming challenges. Here are several reasons why booking packages can support you:


You want to SHIFT and or make BIG moves in your personal, business, and or spiritual life.

  • You are a self-sufficient woman who leads herself.

  • You are focused on yourself, work hard on yourself, and want to see the results show up in the world around you.

  • You are transitioning into your greatness and want support doing it.

  • You have the "lightbulb" going off, but need help growing that light brighter.

  • You are a hard worker and know the value of investing into yourself to grow in a positive way.

  • You recognize good service and can appreciate relaxing into healing and self-care.

  • You want a cheerleader who is going to help you pick yourself up when you are feeling down or doubting your abilities.

  • You play big in the world and want to share your transformation, light, and passion with others.

(If all of this feel "too big", but you know you want to grow into this, Mae can meet you where you are at and help you get there!)

Mae Photos-2.png


Mae's ability to help her clients clarify their own personal goals and then help them identify practical and spiritual ways of achieving them is her primary offering. Her expertise in business and entrepreneurship gives her the know-how to create a relevant step by step solution to solving their problems and working toward achieving their goals. Her intuitive coaching will delve deep into her clients inner self and help identify the work they need to go within in order to fulfill the steps that the practical coaching is teaching them. The result is a full spectrum personalized plan to support change into their lives.


Individuals who have worked with Mae have experienced growth in every potential aspect of life. Not every person aspires to the same goals. For many, money insecurities are a focus point that bring people to Mae. The truth is however that those insecurities are usually a cover for the real issues they are facing. Home security, food security, intimacy security, job security, self assurance, self worth, self image, and so on. While many of Mae’s clients can testify to financial abundance after working with her (check out her testimonials!), for most clients that is achieved by unlocking the parts of themselves that were blocking them from their own potential. Improved self image, improved self worth, improved self confidence, improved overall wellness through deep self work are all successes that her clients have seen and shared. She has witnessed success stories celebrating major promotions at work, finding a soulmate or taking their current relationships to the next level, reconnecting with friends and family in healthy spaces, having healthy closures to move forward and grow beyond who and what was keeping them stagnant. She has seen people achieve actualization of their vision boards and their dreams.

Mae Photos-3.png



     I met Mae September of 2020 when she sought me out for body work. I could never have imagined how much of an impact she would make that would ripple into every part of my existence. She has shown up for me in all aspects of my personal and business life. I have received energy work, her professional makeup for headshots and am a regular as a coaching and consulting client.

I had never heard of energy work prior to meeting Mae. I had never went on a Women's Retreat, let alone one that I would have to travel out of state for.

     Through Mae's coaching and consulting, she helped scale my newer business to making 6 figures in 2021. She has exposed me to so many opportunities and others to expand my growth exponentially through her gift of connecting.

     I receive intuitive coaching that is unique to me specifically. It is not a cookie cutter, generalized, handout that is a one size fits all model. Her unique ability to tap into my needs at each session allows me to focus on short term tasks for long term success. When I am struggling to find direction, she helps me see a path. She provides new tools and teaches me at each session or call how to navigate through whatever challenge I am facing and is my biggest cheerleader for my successes.

     The multi facets of Mae Monroe make her an invaluable asset to success of my business. Her unique perspective of the world and owner of multiple businesses herself, make her one of my most trusted mentors.

  • Claire B., Owner and Master Body Sculptress at Platinum Body Sculpting


I left home right after my 17th Birthday and pursued entrepreneurship where I was able to quit working for someone else by the age of 21 and become fully independent and self-sufficient by 22. Debt free by the age of 24, making 6-figures by the age of 26 and accomplished reaching my first Million Dollar in revenue milestone by the age of 30. My business journey has always been to be disciplined and focused on my personal and professional goals. Something about not having anything to lose so you go ALL IN.

I found success by trusting my intuition and only listening to those I would gladly trade places with. Belief in self,  faith, hard work, and commitment to my dreams and goals have been the foundation to my "why". To be free and truly independent, living life on my own terms. 


I absolutely love coaching and consulting clients because if it wasn't for the wisdom that was shared unto me, I would not be where I am today in such a short amount of time. I truly believe the right support and effective guidance can save you years of headache and heartache. My true reason for helping others build better for themselves and within their business goes back to empowering others to true independence. There's nothing greater that an individual taking control of their own lives and living on purpose. I am here to support individuals to become great. I am here to empower my clients towards success and reaching their next greatest potential whatever that may look like for them.


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