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4 Part Facial:

1:30-2 hr.

Dermaplan Facial

Vitamin C treatment Peel

Micro channeling

LED Light Therapy

Hot Stone Massage

Peppermint Scalp Massage

Extraction + high frequency included


Ultimate Glow Experience 

2 Hr. 15 min

Your ultimate Red Carpet VIP Treatment includes:

Dermaplan Facial

Enzyme Peel

3 Different Masks






Led Light therapy

Neck + Decollete Treatment

Hot Stone Massage

Peppermint Scalp Massage

Complimentary Angel Card Reading

$ 555

What you should know:


All consultations require a $45 non-refundable deposit to rsvp your 30 min. scheduled consultation. The deposit can be applied as credit towards the facial appointment if scheduled on the same day.

Peel series & Acne Treatment: Please set up a consultation

with Mae to discuss best plans and options for client.


Ideally for peels:

First Treatment: $200

Follow up’s $150-200

Add on’s

-30 min LED Light therapy: $50



Peels Glossary:


Level 1: Ormedic, Oxygen, and Vitamin C

(These peels will not have your skin peeling. Ideal for brightening, smoothing and hydrating. Safe to do before big events)


Level 2: Lighting lift, Acne lift, Wrinkle Lift

(These peels can have a mild to medium peeling)


Level 3: Beta Lift & Perfection Lift

(Expect peeling, no downtime is required, however, plan occasions accordingly)


All products used are professional grade by Image Skincare


Facials are broken into parts to show how customized a session can be to tailor the specific goals  of the client.


1 Part Facial

30 min

Choose from one of the following…


Oxygen Facial: $150


Cleanse, enzyme exfoliation peel, Positive ion massage, foam mask, serum, moisturizer, hydrating lip enhancing plumper.

Express Version: $85 (15 min)

-Add Hot stone & peppermint scalp massage: $15


Dermaplan Facial: $150


Pre-Cleanse, dermaplan, hydrating mask, positive ion massage, serum, moisturizer, hydrating lip plumper.

-Add Hot stone & peppermint scalp massage: $15


Vitamin C Glow treatment facial: $165


Pre-Cleanse, derma-rolling, Vitamin c enzyme peel, hydrating mask, positive ion massage, serum, moisturizer, hydrating lip plumper.

-Add Hot stone & peppermint scalp massage: $15


Micro-channeling: $150


Pre-Cleanse, toner, micro-channeling, hydrating sheet mask, massage, serum, moisturizer, hydrating lip plumper.

Level 3 Peel: $165-200


Pre-Cleanse toner, peel, serum, moisturizer, and hydrating lip plumper.

Add on Extraction + High frequency to any one part facial: $15-25

2 Part Facial:


Oxygen Facial + Vitamin C Glow Peel: $250

Dermaplan + Vitamin C Glow Peel: $250

Dermaplan Facial + Micro channeling: $265

Vitamin C Glow treatment facial + Micro channeling: $265

Add on Extraction + High frequency to any two parts facial: $15-25

30 min. Add on Intensive LED Light: $50

3 Part facial:

1hr-1:30 hr.

Vitamin C Treatment Facial + Micro channeling + LED Light Therapy: $350

Dermaplan Facial + Vitamin C Treatment + Microchaneling: $365-400

Dermaplan + vitamin C treatment + LED Light Therapy: $350-400

Add on Extraction + High Frequency to any three part facial service: $15-50


     Why are facials important?

You exercise often, you eat right and you get frequent haircuts, so why wouldn’t you get a facial? As with most other beauty and health matters, facials help prevent and treat common problems. Facials are important because they keep on top of things that happen seasonally.

Take the fall season, for example. When you turn the heat on for the first time in October, you might notice a change in your skin. Inside heat can dehydrate skin and facials can drastically correct a lack of moisture. And every April when the weather warms up a bit, skin can get oilier and create breakouts. Facials can help with these and many other skin ailments.

    What are the benefits?

A smoother texture, proper hydration, a glowing complexion, fewer breakouts, and firmer skin. Regular treatments work. The goal is to age gracefully.

How often should you get one?

Your facial routine will depend on your skin type, For dry skin or dehydrated skin, it is more important to be diligent in winter more than summer. In summer it is more important for oily skin to get facials to prevent pore congestion and breakouts. Facials prevent problems for everyone.

What to know before you go

Facials are relaxing and good for you, but there can be a few uncomfortable moments in the process. But don’t worry, they’ll be well worth it in the end.

One seemingly unpleasant part: Extractions, when your esthetician deep cleans your pores. There’s a reason you shouldn’t pick at your skin at home; extractions should only be done by a trained professional esthetician.

There has to be the right pressure and angle to achieve great results. The skin is properly prepared and softened for successful extraction. Premature extraction can cause scarring.

Another thing to consider: there’s some redness that follows a facial. But don’t worry, it’ll go away in about a day! If your skin has much more breakouts, it may take a few more days to heal what was already there. But it should start improving with facials unless it’s a systemic problem. In that case, the esthetician would be able to share with you some clinical options that you made need.

Make your results last

If you’re investing into a great quality facial, make sure you're getting your money’s worth. It’s like going to the dentist for a cleaning and only brushing at home a few times a week. You can’t expect the results to last if you go home and sleep in your makeup or wash with a bar of soap. For maximum results, Facials paired with recommended products for your skin type will achieve your skin goals.

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