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A Retreat Hosted by Mae is a combination of fun relaxing get-a-way while encompassing interactive experiences that makes for lasting memories. Intention for these retreats is to de-compass while diving into self in a creative, fun, & loving way. Connecting with other like-minded individuals, enjoying yummy food, learning and exploring is a priority when curating these retreats for her guests. 

Self-Care Retreat In Dallas

Self-Care Retreat In Dallas

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What inspired you to attend the retreat & why?

So I have ALWAYS wanted to go on some type of spa retreat and the fact that this retreat spoke my language as a spiritually awakened person, I knew I had to make sure I was able to go and fully immerse myself in the experience.

What did you learn, appreciate, enjoyed during the retreat?

There was so much that I learned from this retreat that I still use to this day. I learned more about my own strength and power in what I can actually handle when the illusion of fear, obstacles and overwhelming circumstances present themselves. Learning how to activate my power and strength through deep breathing exercises and meditation helped me to conquer my "fears" and go after exactly what it is that I want without compromising my integrity and well being of myself and my family. There was one time we were in the cold room of the spa and I didn't think I would make it because I seriously do not enjoy being cold! We were taught breathing techniques and how to reprogram our minds to adapt to the temps to stay in for the course of the time. Since then I've taken it a step further and taken on cryotherapy as well with the same techniques used. This showed me that I am capable of taking charge of what I have control to change, which is myself, no matter what type of environment I'm in. If it doesn't kill my physical body, it will literally make me a stronger being all around.

What was profound for you at the retreat?


When it comes to organization, balance and just overall timeliness and intuitiveness, I cannot express enough how this retreat was a total reset button for me and just perfectly executed! I did not feel overwhelmed or forced to interact in an insane amount of activities or anything. It was such a perfect balance for cleansing, growth, relaxation, reflection and fun! I think it may have also helped that I attended a previous workshop as well where most of the heavy spiritual work was done, so I was genuinely able to just surrender to myself and nurture my spiritual and physical care needs to retreat.

What was your favorite part?


One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was the mindful, clean meals that were made for us each day. I never knew vegan foods could be so filling and delicious. I even did a 21 day fasting cleanse prior to the retreat so I felt I was able to receive the full nutritional experience of the food as well.

What were your experiences with the hosts/facilitator?


My experience with our hosts was truly just a favorable flowing experience. Most trips like this there's always some type of drama. This was truly a safe haven. The hosts held space for us and welcomed us to surrender to ourselves as well as just allowing us to be, if someone just needed a little time to themselves. They are all so different and bring something truly different and remarkable to the retreat yet no one over talks another, no catty vibes, just love, honor and growth.

How has the retreat impacted you, your life, mindset afterwards? Business?

After this retreat, I let go of a lot that was weighing me down, not EVERYTHING but a lot lol! At one point before the spiritual workshop and retreat experiences, I felt like I didn't know if I believed in Jesus, (Yeshuah, Messiah) or the Bible stories anymore. I believe in God but just wasn't sure if everything was made up out of manipulation of power and control. I can honestly say that I am an even bigger believer of these Master Teachers and their walk with the Most High and their teachings based on my spiritual experiences. I can genuinely look at a person that is lashing out or projecting towards me, and empathize. I am genuinely able to speak my truth and hear the truth of others and actually forgive with a light heart.

Who is this retreat ideal for? What benefits would they receive?

I would 100% recommend this retreat to anyone looking to unplug and do a complete self-check and reset. I would highly recommend a few either personal sessions with Mae first or a complete workshop so you get the full benefit of a RETREAT.

Why would someone want to attend the next retreat curated by Mae?

If you've been feeling stuck or you know you FEEL something but just can't put your finger on what it is within you that is preventing you from the level up, this is definitely something I'd highly recommend.

Brittany Kimble
Wife. Mom. Business Owner. Educator


      I come alive when hosting retreats because getting together to enjoy, support, and empower one another that share the same interests or common goals is one of the best things we can do for our souls! For women to come together to learn, play and gain personal development is what I strive and implement into curating my retreats. I think of all the things I would love and enjoy personally and then share that openly to others. 

     What lights me up is connecting over amazing food, having intimate and insightful conversations and the chance to create new relationships and friendships. My sole purpose is to promote enlightening transformations within these curated experiences inside these retreats- so that guests and my new friends can go back home rejuvenated and ready to take on their aspirations with new motivations. Bringing Clarity, having fun and serving guilt free self care indulgence is my intention when hosting, facilitated and sharing with my guests! 

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