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All workshops & events hosted and facilitated by Mae will be on an intuitive and seasonal basis. Her passion and mission is to bring her teachings to her guests and students the wisdom, awareness and lots of fun while connecting with other like-minded individuals. Mae is a connector and bringing people together to share a common goal and interests is something she enjoys cultivating when she's not with her one on one clients. The purpose for these workshops and events is to strengthen connections, create new amazing relationships within the community and to support personal growth.





What should I expect at a workshop/events with Mae?

An interactive, fun filled time with relatable story telling that allows guests to learn, gain, and experience connecting with other like-minded individuals who share the same interests. Workshops are attended to support personal development and promote growing and learning both interesting and insightful. You will always go home with tools, resources and a new set of inspiration and motivation.

What benefits will I receive from attending one of Mae's workshops/events?

You will leave with new connections and friendships, resources and tools to take home and apply to your everyday life, study and homework materials to expand your consciousness, and a deeper confidence in yourself.

Workshop & Events

Workshop & Events

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Level 3 Reiki Master Certified and incorporates EFT therapy, Quantum touch, channeling, and translating messages from the spirit realm. Mae’s purpose is to help bring guidance to her clients through spirituality and lightwork. In session, Mae uses a variety of healing modalities that she feels is best in assisting the client’s specific needs. In session, Mae does not heal the individual but rather translate and channel messages that bring new perspective to the client that ultimately creates awareness and enlightenment. This allows clients to shift into a more positive mind, body and spirit moving forward.

As a lightworker, Mae’s purpose it to help awaken and activate other lightworkers to their purpose. An awakened lightworker is someone who knows who they are and is aware of their light. An activated lightworker is someone who is awake, aware and on purpose with their mission. These beings are then to help awaken others by being true and authentic within their own path.

Learning more about Mae, she is multifaceted and taps into multiple realms to receive insights. This allows her to deliver messages onto the client. Because of Mae’s personal journey she is able to connect and relate to her clients, sharing her own experiences to help translate the messages so that the client can receive and process the information thoroughly and fully.

Mae’s main focus is to wake and activate lightworkers to their true and highest potential. She is here to bring awareness to you, empower you and create guidance for those who are open to receiving from their spirit team.

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