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A day of soul remembrance and soul activations. Being realigned with your soul purpose and allowing yourself to go deep within; to work out the issues within your tissues so that to achieve profound breakthrough moments of clarity and enlightenment. All while Mae holds space, guiding you and becoming the ultimate soundboard, healer and sister during this amazing and intimate experience. This VIP Retreat consists of various healing modalities along with plant medicine like cacao to help nourish you as you connect with your mind, body and spirit. Light refreshments are served and much homework will be given from this retreat to assist you in your life journey towards greatness and overall wholeness.



Personal Investment



6 hours

What is included:

​This is a healing ceremony guided by Mae and includes a transformational experience with plant medicine, guided meditations, and channeled messages from guides, and energy work.  This is a whole day session one-on-one with Mae and her thought out remedies. 


This is for you if:

This is exclusively for those who have worked with Mae prior and is ready to face other or even all aspects of themselves and embark forward with clarity, momentum and a new beginning. 





What should I expect at a one-on-one day retreat with Mae?

FUN! Powerful! And Life Changing! (With exciting surprises. 😉)

What should I wear to my one day retreat?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely while feeling good being in because there will be a moment where an exercise of mirror work is involved.

How much time does this retreat take?

The duration is 6-8 hours. Please plan for no obligations after that will require your energy and time. Allow yourself a full day of rest to receive the experience and integrate afterwards.

What types of breakthroughs can I receive from this retreat?

Self actualization at its finest.

How will this improve my life or help me?

The initiation and work that takes place within will create the butterfly effect towards the desired outcome. Clients must get real clear on their intentions and be prepared for the shift that will take place in both their inner and outer world.


Why did you book a VIP Day with Mae?

I booked a VIP Day with Mae for a multitude of compelling reasons. Firstly, Mae's reputation as a top-tier makeup artist and beauty expert, having been voted the best in Kansas City for four consecutive years, spoke volumes about her exceptional skills and dedication to her craft. This track record of excellence assured me that I would receive nothing short of the best in terms of beauty and healing transformation.

Additionally, what truly drew me to Mae's VIP Day offering was her holistic approach that combines both practical and spiritual elements. Mae's ability to not only enhance external beauty but also guide clients towards a deeper sense of self-discovery and empowerment resonated with my own desire for personal growth and authenticity.

Mae's determination to be her best and her proven expertise in building her business through referrals and word of mouth for eight years showcased her commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. I saw this VIP Day as an opportunity to tap into her wealth of knowledge not just about beauty, but also about business acumen, personal branding, and overall well-being. The fact is I booked a VIP Day with Mae to experience her renowned expertise, align my journey with her holistic approach to beauty and personal growth, and gain insights that could positively impact various aspects of my life. Mae's unwavering dedication to excellence and her whole person holistic approach made the decision to embark on this transformative journey an easy and exciting one.

What was the experience like for you?

Embarking on the VIP Day experience with Mae was an exhilarating mix of anticipation and excitement. As I approached the day, I felt a blend of curiosity and eagerness to immerse myself in her expertise and guidance. I was both intrigued by the prospect of receiving top-notch beauty and spiritual transformations and eager to absorb the insights Mae had to offer in terms of personal growth, business, and spirituality.
Throughout the day, I found myself in awe of Mae's skill and c
reativity. Her attention to detail and ability to listen to what I said, and more importantly what I didn’t say, left me feeling both amazed and confident in the guidance I was receiving. Beyond the physical transformations, the conversations we had about self-discovery, authenticity, and business strategies were
eye-opening and thought-provoking.
As the VIP Day concluded, I emerged with a renewed sense of self-assurance and a deep appreciation for the holistic approach Mae brings to her work. The experience left me feeling not only beautiful on the outside but also enriched on the inside. Mae's insights and guidance had a lasting impact, encouraging me to align my actions with my aspirations and embrace my unique journey with renewed determination.
In retrospect, the VIP Day was a transformative blend of beauty enhancement, personal growth, and business insights. It exceeded my expectations and left me with a sense of empowerment and gratitude for the opportunity to learn from Mae's wisdom and expertise

What results did you have after receiving this experience?

The results I gained after experiencing this VIP Day were truly remarkable and multi-faceted. On the physical level, the beauty transformations performed by Mae left me feeling radiant and confident. Her expertise as a makeup artist not only enhanced my appearance but also taught me valuable techniques to care for my skin and accentuate my features naturally. However, the impact of the experience extended far beyond the physical realm. Mae's holistic approach, encompassing personal growth and business insights, led to profound shifts in my mindset and approach to various aspects of life. Her guidance on self-discovery and authenticity encouraged me to explore my inner values and align my actions with my true desires. Furthermore, the discussions we had about business strategies and personal branding opened my eyes to new possibilities. Mae's experience and insights provided me with actionable steps to enhance my entrepreneurial endeavors and navigate challenges with a clearer perspective.
In essence, the results of this experience were transformative on multiple levels. It not only elevated my external appearance but also deepened my sense of self-awareness, empowered me to pursue my goals authentically, and equipped me with practical tools for business success. Mae's holistic approach and expert guidance have left a lasting impact on my journey of personal growth and achievement.

What advice do you have for someone looking to book a VIP Day with Mae?

Do it, and do it quickly.  Mae’s schedule books up fast, and the process to get to the VIP day can vary in length of time based on the individual clients needs and work that they need to do before the VIP day takes place.  For anyone considering booking a VIP Day with Mae, my advice is to seize the opportunity with enthusiasm and an open heart.

Here are some key points to keep in mind as you embark on this transformative experience:

  • Clarify Your Intentions: Before the VIP Day, take some time to reflect on your intentions and goals. What specific outcomes are you hoping to achieve? Whether it's beauty transformations, personal growth insights, or business strategies, having clarity about your objectives will help you make the most of your time with Mae

  • Embrace Openness: Approach the VIP Day with an open mind and heart. Mae's holistic approach blends beauty, personal growth, and business insights, so be willing to explore each facet with curiosity. Be receptive to new ideas and perspectives that can enrich your journey.

  • Prepare Questions: Come prepared with questions that resonate with your aspirations. Mae's expertise is a valuable resource, so take advantage of the opportunity to gain insights tailored to your needs. Whether it's about beauty techniques, self-discovery, or business strategies, your questions will help shape the day's discussions' VIP Day, engage in self-reflection. Mae's guidance will encourage you to delve into your values, goals, and potential. Embrace this introspective process to unlock your inner strengths and aspirations.

  • Take Action: After the VIP Day, implement the insights and strategies you've gained. Whether it's incorporating beauty techniques into your routine, aligning your actions with your authentic self, or applying business advice, taking action will translate the experience into tangible results.

  • Stay Connected: Maintain a connection with Mae beyond the VIP Day. Follow her work, stay engaged in her insights, and continue to draw inspiration from her journey. This ongoing connection can provide continuous support and encouragement.
    Ultimately, booking a VIP Day with Mae is an investment in your growth and transformation. Approach the experience with enthusiasm, openness, and a willingness to embrace the holistic insights she offers. The journey promises to be not only empowering but also a catalyst for lasting positive change in various aspects of your life. - Heather M.


     Mae is a Level 3 Reiki Master Certified and incorporates EFT therapy, Quantum touch, channeling, and translating messages from the spirit realm. Mae's purpose is to help bring guidance to her clients through spirituality and lightwork. In session, Mae uses a variety of healing modalities that she feels is best in assisting the client's specific needs. In session, Mae does not heal the individual but rather translate and channel messages that bring new perspective to the client that ultimately creates awareness and enlightenment. This allows clients to shift into a more positive mind, body and spirit moving forward. As a lightworker, Mae's purpose it to help awaken and activate other lightworkers to their purpose. An awaken lightworker is someone who knows who they are and is aware of their light. An activated lightworker is someone who is awake, aware and in purpose with their mission. These beings are then to help awaken others by being true and authentic within their own path.

     Learning more about Mae, she is multifaceted and taps into multiple realms to receive insights. This allows her to deliver messages onto the client. Because of Mae's personal journey she is able to connect and relate to her clients sharing her own experiences to help translate the messages so that the client can receive and process the information thoroughly and fully. Mae's main focus is to wake and activate lightworkers to their true and highest potential. She is here to bring awareness to you, empower you and create guidance for those who are open to receiving from their spirit team.

     In Session we will be incorporating advance techniques and hands on Reiki, client will feel more aligned, calm, relaxed, peaceful, clear-minded and productive. Reiki is administered by the hands, placed lightly on or near the body over the chakras. Each session will include an aura clearing using sage or palo santo, chakra reading to assess blockages, crystals to enhance the vibrational energetic experience, angel reading cards, essential oils hand-picked for each client to revitalize mind and body senses and soothing music that allows for deep relaxation.

     Mae will connect with your guides to deliver and translate messages from your soul records and spirit team using healing modalities to connect and guide.

DISCLAIMER/NOTE: I am not a registered, licensed or certified therapist/physician. I do not cure, treat, or diagnose. I utilize and tap into my intuition and intellect to connect with you, your body, and your spirit team to deliver channeled messages to you while sharing resources and tools to help assist you in your healing and spiritual journey. I am servicing you from my own personal experiences where I have lived life full of complexities, challenges, health issues and have overcome them naturally and holistically. I am here to share and serve you with my own inner wisdom, insights, and healing medicine. I offer clarity with the intent to help, inspire, and shift you towards a better mind, body, spirit, and overall well-being in life.



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