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From the moment Mae agrees to a healing session, she begins channeling the needs of her clients. She asks discovery questions and uses her intuition to put together a tailored healing experience for each individual. No two humans are exactly alike, and Mae is able to see and recognize the specific areas within her clients that need attention and care. Participating in a healing session with Mae offers a myriad of benefits that promote holistic well-being and personal growth. Mae's unique blend of expertise and intuitive guidance creates a transformative experience that resonates on multiple levels. One of the primary benefits is the restoration of balance and harmony within the mind, body, and spirit. Mae's sessions are designed to release stagnant energy and alleviate emotional blockages, leading to a renewed sense of vitality and inner peace.


Clarity Investment

$222 / $444


60 minutes / 120 minutes

What is included:

  • Direct channeled messages from your guides

  • Distant reiki

  • Card pull confirmation


This is for you if:

You are looking for any clarity from guides and can not come into office or prefer a reading in the comfort of your own home.



Clarity Investment



2 hours

What is included:

  • Direct channeled messages from your guides

  • Hands-on reiki

  • Quantum touch healing

  • Hot stones


  • Aromatherapy

  • Light massage

  • Card pull confirmation

Clarity Investment

$777 - $888


3 Hours

What is included:

  • Intentional journal work

  • Astrology reading

  • Numerology life path reading

  • Clear channeled message from guides

  • Oracle reading


  • Manifestation

  • Reiki infused massage

  • Quantum touch healing

  • Hot stone & aromatherapy

  • Peppermint cranial therapy

  • Guided meditation directly from your Higher Self

This is for you if:

If you want to experience healing that's unique, curated, and cutomised just for you. Clients have shared that one session of healing is equivalent to 10 years of therapy due to the level of clarity and in-depth healing that is specialized by Mae.

You are ultimately receiving the care that has elevated so many of Mae's clients into their own healing, wellness, and spiritual journey.


Clarity Investment



60 - 75 minutes

What is included:

  • Direct channeled messages from your guides

  • Hands-on reiki

  • Quantum touch healing

This is for you if:

You are looking for a reboot and clarity. You have already done healing work with Mae and are looking for energetic maintenance. You are wanting to feel centered, balanced and having a clear direction in life purpose. A nice relaxing and insightful pick me up. Perfect for those who is looking for a charge in clarity and back into purpose.



You must have done a Hands-on-helaing session with Mae to be applicable for the recharge.



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Mae's healing sessions often result in enhanced self-awareness and a deeper connection to one's inner self. Through her compassionate guidance, and intuitive insights, clients gain clarity about their emotions, thought patterns, and behaviors. This newfound self-awareness empowers individuals to make conscious choices that align with their authentic desires, fostering personal growth, and empowerment. Mae's sessions also provide a safe and nurturing space for emotional release and healing. By addressing past traumas and unresolved emotions, clients can experience catharsis and liberation. This emotional release contributes to a sense of emotional lightness and a greater capacity to embrace positivity and joy. Additionally, Mae's healing sessions can have positive effects on physical well-being. As emotional and energetic imbalances are addressed, clients often report a reduction in stress, tension, and even physical discomfort. Mae's holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind and body, leading to a comprehensive sense of wellness.

All in all, a healing session with Mae Monroe offers benefits that encompass emotional healing, self-awareness, physical well-being, and a deeper connection to one's spiritual self. Mae's nurturing guidance and expertise create an environment where transformation and rejuvenation flourish, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling life journey.

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Being the first generation Vietnamese American, I have personally experienced, witnessed, and lived such a dense, low vibrational and yet unique upbringing. Culturally, we do not believe in therapy. Showing any vulnerability was a form of weakness where, oftentimes punishment, guilt, and shame would be the solution to stress and crisis situations. I was raised in a highly toxic home environment where severe and extreme mental illness was prevalent. This later forced me to run away from home after I turned 17. Nothing and no one, not even my catholic religion, could give me answers to my complex questions of what happened to me, why did this happen, and HOW?
Everyone that I had talked to could not help me in terms of Western medicine and Western therapy. It wasn't until I pursued my spiritual journey that I was led to Eastern medicine and healing. For someone like me, talk therapy and traditional Western medicine, were not helpful for the complexity of my trauma.
It wasn't until Reiki, energy work, metaphysics, and plant medicine that really gave me the clarity and true healing I was needing. These tools allowed me to really take control of my life and understand my true purpose. Once I had my epiphany, my whole perspective shifted and my understanding of the why's, what, and how's made complete sense. There's so much healing in receiving clarity!

Real clarity. True Clarity.

And that's what I want to share with others that I have crossed paths with or have the honor to serve. If you are looking for someone who can really INNER-STAND you and truly UNDER-STAND you, or at least the parts of you that need to be seen and heard, these healing sessions could be the solution for you like they were for me.
Everything I have learned and received within my own journey is condensed and curated into these specialized sessions. The various healing modalities and techniques I will support you with, will lead to absolute healing and amazing clarity like they have done for me.

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     Mae is a Level 3 Reiki Master Certified and incorporates EFT therapy, Quantum touch, channeling, and translating messages from the spirit realm. Mae’s purpose is to help bring guidance to her clients through spirituality and lightwork. In session, Mae uses a variety of healing modalities that she feels is best in assisting the client’s specific needs. In session, Mae does not heal the individual but rather translate and channel messages that bring new perspective to the client that ultimately creates awareness and enlightenment. This allows clients to shift into a more positive mind, body and spirit moving forward.

     As a lightworker, Mae’s purpose it to help awaken and activate other lightworkers to their purpose. An awaken lightworker is someone who knows who they are and is aware of their light. An activated lightworker is someone who is awake, aware and in purpose with their mission. These beings are then to help awaken others by being true and authentic within their own path.


     Learning more about Mae, she is multifaceted and taps into multiple realms to receive insights. This allows her to deliver messages onto the client. Because of Mae’s personal journey she is able to connect and relate to her clients sharing her own experiences to help translate the messages so that the client can receive and process the information thoroughly and fully.

Mae’s main focus is to wake and activate lightworkers to their true and highest potential. She is here to bring awareness to you, empower you and create guidance for those who are open to receiving from their spirit team.

     In Session, we will be incorporating advance techniques and hands on Reiki, client will feel more aligned, calm, relaxed, peaceful, clear-minded and productive. Reiki is administered by the hands, placed lightly on or near the body over the chakras. Each session will include an aura clearing using sage or palo santo, chakra reading to assess blockages, crystals to enhance the vibrational energetic experience, angel reading cards, essential oils hand-picked for each client to revitalize mind and body senses and soothing music that allows for deep relaxation.

Mae will connect with your guides to deliver and translate messages from your soul records and spirit team using healing modalities to connect and guide.

She is...

Clairvoyance : Clear Seeing

Clairaudience : Clear Hearing

Claircognizance : Clear Knowing

Clairintellect : Clear Thinking

Clairsentience : Clear Physical Feeling

Clairtangency : Clear Touching

DISCLAIMER/NOTE: I am not a registered, licensed or certified therapist/physician. I do not cure, treat, or diagnose. I utilize and tap into my intuition and intellect to connect with you, your body, and your spirit team to deliver channeled messages to you while sharing resources and tools to help assist you in your healing and spiritual journey. I am servicing you from my own personal experiences where I have lived life full of complexities, challenges, health issues and have overcome them naturally and holistically. I am here to share and serve you with my own inner wisdom, insights, and healing medicine. I offer clarity with the intent to help, inspire, and shift you towards a better mind, body, spirit, and overall well-being in life.


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