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     Level 3 Reiki Master Certified and incorporates EFT therapy, Quantum touch, channeling, and translating messages from the spirit realm.  Mae’s purpose is to help bring guidance to her clients through spirituality and light work. In session, Mae uses a variety of healing modalities that she feels is best in assisting the client’s specific needs. In session, Mae does not heal the individual but rather translate and channel messages that bring new perspective to the client that ultimately creates awareness and enlightenment. This allows clients to shift into a more positive mind, body and spirit moving forward.

     As a light worker, Mae’s purpose it to help awaken and activate other light workers to their purpose. An awaken light worker is someone who knows who they are and is aware of their light. An activated light worker is someone who is awake, aware and in purpose with their mission. These beings are then to help awaken others by being true and authentic within their own path.

     Learning more about Mae, she is multifaceted and taps into multiple realms to receive insights. This allows her to deliver messages onto the client. Because of Mae’s personal journey she is able to connect and relate to her clients sharing her own experiences to help translate the messages so that the client can receive and process the information thoroughly and fully.

     Mae’s main focus is to wake and activate light workers to their true and highest potential. She is here to bring awareness to you, empower you and create guidance for those who are open to receiving from their spirit team.  



     Known as “The Chiropractor for your soul™”, Brittany has an extensive and multidimensional background. For the past 13 years, she has provided professional business consulting and coaching, personal mentorship, as well as an extensive list of energetic services. Each client receives 100% customized service that is led with a balance of both intuitively and grounded modalities, resources, insights, etc.

     She will help align your higher self, integrate your shadow self, remove blocks, become a true master manifestor, and help you integrate higher consciousness and expansion into all aspects of your life. She is not shy about sharing her expansive network with her clients. Her belief is that everyone, who is fully willing and open, is deserving to receive what they truly want in life.

     For the last 6 years she has fine tuned and expanded her energetic and professional gifts to include (but not limited to) the following. Deep energetic infusing, clearing, and pulling, Energetic trauma, Ancestral lineage, Breath work, Subconscious reprogramming, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Retreats, workshops, Healing circles, Customized personal and corporate events, Customized binaural frequencies, Sound therapy, Micro-frequency therapy, Crystal coaching and therapy. Color therapy, Scent Therapy, and many others that are used when intuitively led to by your higher self and guides.


     Together they consult and coach using all of their multidimensional gifts to assists each client as they clear and move past blocks, integrate their shadow, receive, embrace and connect with their higher selves. There is no other partnership who offers these unique experiences and services that these two do.

Here is what one client had to say about her full experience:

“What inspired you to start this journey?

Ever since I was a child, I knew there was something "different" about me but could never put my finger on it. When I was 8, my uncle (my mom's youngest brother) passed away via massive heart attack at 38. I saw him (after death) in my room & in our guest room I felt his presence. It scared me & I told no one until adulthood. I started questioning things again when I manifested my current position after working a "soul sucking" retail makeup job in August 2019. Enter isolation during the lockdowns & turning off the TV. I fell down the rabbit hole & after watching Mae's journey, the voice inside my head said it was time for me to do something similar.

How was the private virtual differ from the other two?

The private session was only with Mae in April 2020 during the initial lockdowns. I had already started meditating & seeing images during sleep/meditations. During my virtual, I saw the symbols of the words Mae was sending to me. Confirmations were given as to the images that I was seeing in mediation. It allowed me to dive deeper into my journey. A month later, I was able to better handle a family issue without destructive behavior. Something I hadn't done in 20 years.

What was magical in each one?

Each session that I have had offered answers to the puzzle of life. While it may not have always been the easiest information to digest, it always made sense. It always led to a better Melinda & today, I am the happiest I have ever been. I am able to transmute the lower emotions without destruction or holding them in. Hearing that I was put up for adoption to save me from whatever life awaited me in the bio family. To have a better life, I was given up. To hearing that my miscarriage was a boy & he forgave me but it was time to let go of that attachment. To a physical change- my heaviest flow day was during my in person with my best friend. My flow stopped for several hours after my session due to the removal of guilt & low energy in my body.

What did you learn from each one & how has it impacted/shift you to move forward?

In each one, I learned more about myself & how I can better myself. It wasn't until the last session- the couples session- that I changed my eating habits. But it was the best friend session that caused me to quit coffee & changed my tastes in foods. Veggies I never ate before I started craving. I was a 1 pot of coffee a day to function woman & now only drink tea. I've started losing weight, started working on my business again & no longer feel bogged down by the world.

What blessings & awareness has come since these sessions?

The clarity I have now is the biggest blessing. The awareness that I have now is that I remember why I'm here. The puzzle pieces make sense as to why certain jobs felt so out of line for me even though I was getting more & more responsibility/promotions.

How would you describe Mae energy vs Brittany?

Mae & Brittany both have a loving energy but in different ways. Both women are powerful with their gifts. Mae connects more with what is needed versus Brittany, what you need to let go of/work through. Though Brittany can bring up the feelings of trauma for you to work on, she does it in a way that is comforting. Which is not what you would think of when it comes to that type of work. Mae's energy is very goddess-like. Ethereal & light but if you're not opening, she's like the hammer getting the nail into the wall. Both women complement each other's energy & the combination of the two is magical.

What was it like having them work on you & your partner?

Amazing. I knew my husband was nervous before we went to the session. He said he was fine & looked forward to it but I knew better. Both women explained everything to him clearly & lovingly. Because of our couple's session, our marriage has been strengthened dramatically. He left happier than I've seen him in a while, almost floating. We also have realized what/how we can balance each other without overstepping.

How would you describe them & their gifts together?

Mae & Brittany have a strong, energetic presence but it comes across as very gentle at the same time. I really don't think anyone could have picked a better pair to work with because they pair so well together. I'm very grateful they found each other because I know my life wouldn't be the same without them together.

How would you recommend this type of work to others?

I started blogging my experiences weekly since my session with my best friend in October. I did this because I want as many people as possible to know what options are out there. There are so many more things to speak of outside of a social media post, conversation, etc.

Who could greatly benefit from sessions like these & which one was your favorite? How so?

Everyone could benefit if they are open to it. If you go in unwillingly, it won't be for you. I tell everyone I know how fantastic these sessions are for mental, spiritual, physical & emotional health. Both in person sessions are my favorite for different reasons. October with my best friend because of the information about my miscarriage. November with my husband because my marriage is stronger. I don't think I could pick a favorite between the two if I'm honest. They were both so different but equally powerful.”



Double Sessions:

In a double session with Brittany and Mae you will be served with the most potent and valuable information, energy, self healing, connections, and infusion. Each session is 100% customized. During this magical experience Brittany and Mae use’s every healing modality and gift that is Intuitively called for. This may include: quantum, reiki, sound, frequency, crystal, scent, light healing/therapies. They will each channel a full spectrum of energy that compliments and balances each other to give to the most clear, direct and helpful messages from your spirit team. Every session can provide a raw and eye opening direction with clarity, subconscious re-wiring, unconditional love, boundary setting more “aware” you. You will leave feeling lighter, balanced, and shift a new perspective in your whole being.  


How each are different:

Personal: This session is focused on solely you. Learn more about yourself, soul contracts, past life and insights from your spirit team. Perfect for anyone needing guidance on where to go or do next within their own journey or even have a better understanding of why they feel, sense, think a certain way. Gaining awareness of your true purpose in this lifetime is revealed in this private session.

Hands On - In Person 

2hr. $777

3hr. $999

4hr. $1,111


2hr. $555

3hr. $777

4hr. $999

Couples: This incredibly bonding and clearing session will allow each individual to take back their power and boundaries while also having a better understanding of oneness, unconditional love, and will allow you to move forward as a dedicated, loving, conscious couple.

3 hours: $1555

4 hours: $1999


Best Friends: During a session with a close friend you will be there to cherish, support, and receive messages for each other. This will bring the unconditional love and high vibrational support between the both of you to a new level. There is no “ride or die” mindset here. Only a “ride or fly”.

2 hours: $1111

3 hours: $1555

4 hours: $1999


Family (non spousal): In a Family session information is communicated in a graceful, direct, and loving approach. This allows all ages and dynamics to receive clearing, infusing, and move forward in such a way that is of the purest love. Support, boundaries, observation, and awareness are all taught. You’ll be sent off with the best tools for your family to continue a healthy and high frequency life.

2 hours: $1111

3 hours: $1555

4 hours: $1999

Note: The longer the time we have the more in depth reading it is along with able to answer questions thoroughly. Extra hour/time allows us to dive deeper.

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