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Energy Workshop

One of the biggest achievements I pursued in 2020 was launching my energy workshops to help wake & activate light workers.




2020 was the year when the partnership of Mae and Brittany was born, pursued and mastered. It was a year where we together were able to teach, show, and practice light work at a quantum level in such way previously unpracticed in KC.

In 2020 we hosted 4 ceremonies and have worked on over 30 private double sessions.

Which resulted in 100+ people remembering who they are and purpose in this lifetime

2020 was an awakening year for many and we are honored that we got to be a part of so many different peoples lives and spiritual journey

Moving forward...

For 2021 we are so excited to keep learning, growing, and sharing!

These workshops are intended to be guidance for those seeking knowledge on spirituality, light work, and who are ready to jump start their self healing journey to alignment/enlightenment


We will only be having 4 of these for 2021.

With 2 dates confirmed:

Feb 21 & March 21

The other 2 are to be announced.

In these event’s

-We host a ceremony to call in and connect with our guides, ancestors, and all high frequency beings to assist.

-Education on different topics, including levels of conscious 3D Vs 5D

-Guided Meditation to clear, realign and heal your own 7 chakras

-Receive messages and guidance from the higher realms.

-Receive group healing/support

-Receive energy work with reiki, quantum touch, quantum clearing, channeling and other healing modalities.

-Gain insights and wisdom to practice and apply to everyday life moving forward.

-Q & A regarding spirituality and metaphysics.

These workshops is for your soul…

Whatever your needs and or intentions are…this workshop is intended to help guide you.

When you are fully open it will allow you to shift in ways that your soul truly needs.

These workshops can be described as both self-development and self-empowering.

We believe a strong and healthy being starts with a strong and healthy spirit.

If pursuing to better self, mind, life, body and/or soul, this workshop can greatly compliment and accelerate your journey.


There is currently no future dates set

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